Sunday, 10 January 2016

Your Gurukrupa Jewellers has now become "RAVIRAJ JEWELLERS".

Rest all the things like quality, service, rates, etc. all remains the same.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

wide range of collection of Maharashtrian jewellery in Gold & Silver suitable for all functions


With over 10 years of rich unparalleled traditional experience in designing real pearls and diamond-studded jewellery, “Gurukrupa Jewellers” is a name characterized by wide variety,excellent quality and maximum reliability.

“Gurukrupa Jewellers” has been the trusted house of authentic Bhagya Ratnas (Navagraha stones) which now come with a Laboratory Test Certificate(optional) which becomes a value addition! We are offering you exclusive custom-made jewellery to suit your specific needs, unlike branded jewellery in which you can get only mass produced designs.

At Gurukrupa Jewellers you will find exclusive jewellery of Diamond, Pearl and Precious Stones. You can choose from the best of traditional and contemporary Pearl jewellery. Vibrant and colourful jewellery made out of Emeralds, Rubies, and Corals individually or in combination with pearls or diamonds can add wide range of variety to the traditional Maharastrian Jewellery.

At Gurukrupa Jewellers you will find exclusive jewellery of Gold, Silver,White Silver, One Gram Gold and also Immitation Jewellery. We are having wide range of readymade ornaments in Gold & Silver in Bangles, Ear rings, Finger rings (ladies, gents & kids), necklace, mangalsutras, etc. Bangles & Neklaces in Moti- white & yellow. 

At Gurukrupa Jewellers we also accept the orders for all the type of ornaments.

  • Specialization in Studded jewellery consisting of Diamonds and Precious Gems.
  • BIS Hallmark certified Jewellery.
  • International Laboratory Certified Diamond Jewellery.
  • Specialization in 'Navagraha' Gemstones with their genuineness certified by Gemological laboratories.
  • Excellent after sales service.

For further collection contact us on
Mr. Sachin R. Vispute : 9920787559 / 0251-2874875.